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2 Upcoming Art Shows in Chicago You Shouldn’t Miss

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Summer is quickly approaching, which means more agitated Chicagoans used to gray skies and tiring cold weather will hopefully lighten up, finding more inspiration to get out and explore the city once again. As an artist, you should do what you can to absorb the artistic works of others and harness inspiration from them. Here are two Chicago art shows that you’ll want to check out for a glimpse of some unique talent.

35 Years of Public Art

This art show is currently going on and will close on May 4th. It features over 500 creations of over 300 artists, and is taking place in over 140 public locations all over Chicago. This event presents commissioned proposal as well as examples of art appearing in police stations, libraries and other surprising facilities around the city. For more information about this Chicago art event, visit the Chicago Cultural Center’s website.

The Lost Artists Show

Taking place in the Art Colony Studio Building, located in Logan Square on Fletcher St., The Lost Artists Show on May 10th will present the work of studio artists Walter Fydryck, Frank Mascenic, Kirk Rohrbaugh, James Vellner and Adam Helman, as well as those of visiting artists Eric Dinse, Joe Mazzone, John Tyszko and others. Live music will also be performed after 7pm, and the art show is free admission. Learn more about this Chicago art show here.