Arts Appeal

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Welcome to Arts Appeal: The Blog for True Artistes

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As a starving artist (well…not quite starving) I’ve always wanted to share my interests about the world of art, as well as the passions of others endlessly struggling to make it. On my journey to improve my own painting skills and expand my knowledge of artists and techniques, I’ve discovered many experiences that can bring artists together along with some great local Chicago artists who have loads of talent to share with the world.

What I Wish to Accomplish

In this blog I will focus on showcasing the work of artists I’ve found, and reveal some great locations and groups for artists to gather. I was amazed at the amount of inspirational stuff I found just by obsessively searching on Google and taking walks around the Chicagoland area.

I even realized my undying love for Ultrecht paint brushes because of my strenuous search sessions—I swear I’m on the verge of carpal tunnel because of them, it’s ridiculous.

cool art collage

It’s incredible what all is in Chicago to help artists not only promote their beautiful work, but also to help them develop into flourishing mpressionists, realists, or whatever types they fancy themselves to be; artistry is far from a dying hobby.

Hopefully this blog provides artists with a wealth of information they can use, and I’ll talk about some local artists that are so good in many ways that I envy them. Hey, maybe I’ll be able to learn from you!

Unlike a lot of other more pretentious artists, I don’t like to view fellow painters, sculptors or sketch artists as competition, but rather as part of a unique community of which I’m happy to be a part. This blog is meant to be a resource for both its visitors and myself in many ways, helping to improve your confidence and meet others in your area with the same interests.

I Appreciate All the Help I’ve Received

Of course I’m not really tech savvy, being a person with more expertise in paint brushes and color schemes, so I needed some hands in the actual layout and development of the blog itself. I may possess all of the imagery and ideas, but the web design team at in Chicago really had me covered in the communication department.

I wouldn’t be able to bring my passion and discoveries to anybody without those guys. With this website, I hope to be able to communicate with other infinitely interesting artistic personalities.