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The History of Kentucky Derby Hats

by One of the most interesting features of the Kentucky Derby is the astounding hats that regularly show up at the event every year. In fact, hats are quite normal here; one of the few places ladies still choose to wear elaborate headgear. Tradition For an event that centers around a horse race, this could be a puzzling tradition from  [ Read More ]

Four Tips for Beginning Ballroom Dancers

by Ballroom dancing is a great hobby that’s social, active, and tons of fun! From the acrobatics of East Coast Swing to the stately Viennese Waltz, there’s something for everyone. But if you’re feeling nervous about heading to that first lesson without a little background, no worries. Take a look at these basic tips to get you off on the  [ Read More ]

Exciting Art Events in and Around Chicago

by For aspiring artists in the Chicagoland area, there are several events to look forward to this Fall. Even if you simply enjoy looking at art, these events will cater to the spectator as much as the artist looking for inspiration. The Lincoln Square Art Walk On Friday, October 16-18, the Lincoln Square Art Walk will take place. This event  [ Read More ]

Three Cool Exhibits to Check Out at the Art Institute of Chicago

by If you are thinking “I’m soooo bored of winter” and want to see some awesome artwork to liven things up and take your mind off this dreary weather, the Art Institute of Chicago is, as always, an affordable and entertaining way to spend a day. Here are a few cool exhibits to check out this season. Holiday Thorne Rooms  [ Read More ]

2 Upcoming Art Shows in Chicago You Shouldn’t Miss

by Summer is quickly approaching, which means more agitated Chicagoans used to gray skies and tiring cold weather will hopefully lighten up, finding more inspiration to get out and explore the city once again. As an artist, you should do what you can to absorb the artistic works of others and harness inspiration from them. Here are two Chicago art  [ Read More ]

Bottle & Bottega: A Relaxing Way to Paint the Day Away

by What better to go with that urge of artistic expression of yours than a nice glass of wine? Apparently I’m not the only person who thought they were the perfect pairing, as a little studio called Bottle & Bottega in Evanston provides aspiring artists with the environment that allows them to learn great techniques while offering them a nice  [ Read More ]

Welcome to Arts Appeal: The Blog for True Artistes

by As a starving artist (well…not quite starving) I’ve always wanted to share my interests about the world of art, as well as the passions of others endlessly struggling to make it. On my journey to improve my own painting skills and expand my knowledge of artists and techniques, I’ve discovered many experiences that can bring artists together along with  [ Read More ]